Revit Experts

Architectural Visualisations

Images, animations and interactive presentations of your design, build sequence and marketing materials.

3D Rendering and 2D views

Visualising your project

The scenographic presentations are developed in live synchronization software, such as 3ds Max V-Ray, Enscape and Lumion, which allows for efficacy and a continuous process. This allows parallel work on details and on a broader context in HD. The outcome provides different possibilities, from renders to interactive videos, VR, and tours.

The visuals we produce can be used for many purposes. Interior and exterior renders are often used in project brochures or online marketing material. Point and click animations give the viewer a more real experience of a building and how the rooms are connected.

Animations can also be used to show the project flow over time, from the landscape excavation to the final “As Built” end result.

We also create animations to show the traffic flow during construction as part of our swept path analysis.

Input received

  • Documentation in any format
  • Pointclouds (or ask us to scan)
  • Guidelines & instructions

Data processing & Quality assurance

  • Reviewing all received documentation
  • Requesting missing information
  • Modelling surroundings
  • Modelling buildings
  • Applying materials, furniture and appliances
  • Creating views

Output Deliverables

  • 2D renders
  • 3D renders of interiors
  • 3D renders of exteriors
  • 3D visualisations and videos

Our services by domain

Our expertise available for your projects and in our extended nearshore teams.
Structural Engineering

We offer high-quality products which provide the client with data access. This enables extraction of the …

External Works
A representation of elements constructed in detail. This allows the client or the team to easily extract 
MEP Design & Modelling
Comprehensive solution to complex matters, regarding the implementation process of drainage or utility design 
Scan to BIM
The use of Point Cloud Scans within Revit contributes to precisely positioned and coordinated models 
Presentations are developed in live synchronization software, 3ds Max V-Ray, Enscape, Lumion, which 
Swept Path Analysis
Routes and vehicles most efficient paths for the required task. This includes precise representation of the access streets …
Cut & Fill
Efficient on-site work is a necessity; hence, the use of technology allowing precise, closest-to-reality calculations is a must 
Other Services
We offer also Drainage services, Construction Sequences, Demolition Models and “As Built” surveys …