Air Handling Unit and Heat pump engineering

Engineering process for conditioning and distributing air in a building. This includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that regulate indoor air temperature, humidity, and quality. The air handling system also includes air ducts, filters, fans, heaters, chillers, and other components that work together to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Heat pump engineering involves designing systems that transfer heat and cooling. Heat pump engineering requires a deep understanding of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, electrical engineering, and control systems. Both air handling and heat pump engineering plays a vital role in creating comfortable and sustainable indoor environments. We have the require specialized knowledge and skills to design and production.

  • Creating complete solution
  • Including drawings and documentation
  • 3D isometric view

Other projects

  • Air treatment and Heatpumps
  • RC structural model
  • Office visualization
  • Construction sequence in London