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External Works

A representation of elements constructed in detail for multiple usage scenarios.

Visualisation impression

External works information

The preparation of a BIM model of the external works is a task where the result, on top of being aesthetically pleasing, offers a detailed representation of the elements of the construction site. This allows the client or the team to easily extract information on soft and hard landscaping, take-offs on volumes, quantities and areas. It also allows coordination with other disciplines.

Above, an example of an external work for a residential complex. We modeled the soft and hard landscaping of the proposed terrain, so our client was able to estimate the materials more accurately than manually. We also produced a model of the existing terrain for this project and used it to calculate cut and fill.

Input received

  • Documentation in any format
  • Guidelines & instructions

Data processing & Quality assurance

  • Reviewing all received documentation
  • Requesting missing information
  • Coordination in Revit
  • Positioning and modelling
  • Discrepancy logs for problematic areas
  • Synchronising with the clients needs and suggestions

Output Deliverables

  • 2D drawings
  • 3D Models in revit
  • Navisworks Models
  • CAD Files if necessary

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External Works
A representation of elements constructed in detail. This allows the client or the team to easily extract 
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