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Our BIM Nearshoring services

Our engineers and modellers can work as an extended team that is fully dedicated to your company.

Nearshore BIM engineers

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Engineering and modelling are at the peak of their demand, causing more and more people to be involved in this sector. As a result, hiring and recruiting are more costly in terms of effort and the money involved. Today’s globalisation helps solve this, by enabling remote working with each other around the globe and making specialists easier to find. With Bimservice as your BIM partner you can hire remote specialists from another country to boost your business.

An extended team is part of a greater team, with the core part located in-house at the client’s premises and the remote team of engineers located in another country. Both teams are working in close cooperation with each other. The external employees work fully dedicated to your company and on your projects.

The Advantages of nearshore

  • The wide range of qualified engineers and modellers at your service.
  • Hiring extended employees has economic advantages, since the recruitment of local in-house engineers and modellers is pricey. On top of that, the salary requirements in other countries are much lower.
  • Flexibility, since the upscaling and downscaling of teams is much easier!
  • Nearshore means it’s close to Western Europe. Most offices are within a two-hour flight from Amsterdam. This way, it’s much easier for teams to meet up face to face.
Need resources?

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We can start BIG or small, one project at a time or we can set you up with a full team of experienced engineers

How it works?

The aim of our extended team is to complement the in-house team, not to substitute it. It is supposed to fill in the skill gaps of the main team and to augment its overall potential.

The responsibilities and tasks are evenly spread across all team members, both in-house and nearshore. The client has full control over the process, because the personnel on Bimservice’s side is fully incorporated into the client’s team and the collaboration implies all levels of recruitment and such. Our extended teams are not disbanded after the project is completed, since they are aimed at long-term collaboration. This is advantageous, because the team members get experience in your workflows, they buildup expertise in your branche and they get to know the other team members.

We can help your company make significant cost savings, while relieving you of the work to do so. You can choose from the international talent pool in all its versatility of skills and rates and you won’t have to spend much time and effort on endless recruiting and training. This also relieves you of future work, since your labor relations aren’t based on an “easy come, easy go” approach.

Possible Difficulties with Nearshore teams and how we minimise them

  • Productivity issues? Some people are easily distracted while others are more self-motivated, but almost everyone can temporarily “fall out” of the working process. It’s just the human nature. Time tracking tools, such as Time doctor and Hubstaff, can help elevate your teams’ productivity. Besides that, we also have monthly evaluations with both clients and engineers. This way we, as Bimservice, stay in the “loop”, so we can step in on time to help when problems with productivity arise. 

  • Communication issues? Complete dependence on online communication tools may lead to some uncertainties or delays. However, our communication strategies are able to minimise these problems. We adopted the Scrum concept from the IT business, where offshoring and near shoring are common practice. Through using the proper tools, having regular calls/meetings (standups) and having a weekly or biweekly Scrum meeting, everyone is involved and on the same page.

  • Security issues? How to be indemnified from unpleasant surprises that are associated with legal aspects? The contract with Bimservice and the team contains all the rights and obligations of all parties. Aspects like info on terms, deadlines of fixing problems, making updates and iterations are all included. A non-disclosure agreement regarding sensitive pieces of information is also included in our contracts. These measures will help you collaborate with us safely and transparently.

  • Social issues? With the remote engineers working abroad, it is important to work on human connection. There are many ways to make people feel more connected, even when they are geographically dispersed. What exactly can you do? Allow small talk. Often some personal chit-chat fuels your employees’ confidence in each other and it energises people. Encourage out-of-office communication, online communication after work, sharing interests, arranging events and journeys, etc. It can be extremely fun to play some online game, to organise a business book club or to sing in a group karaoke. We also highly encourage to meet each other face to face!